Introducing: 3 Moutains Gear

Let’s be honest – if you’re doing a backpacking trek, you (nor your youth) will want to carry an 8lb tent. After doing an 8km hike doing a weight share of the tent (as in separating it into different packs), we asked ourselves if there was a better way.

After looking at the classic locations locally, we found that a good ultra-light tent was nowhere. A lightweight tent was going to run $500+. We ended up getting a great HubbaHubba by MSR (love this to bits, and this is not an affiliate link), however, we know that spending that much isn’t always possible.

Enter 3 Mountains Gear or 3MG (named after the three ski hills in Vancouver – Cypress, Grouse and Seymour), our outdoor gear line with the focus on providing mid-grade quality solutions to help everyone get outside (without the weight). We’ve searched, we’ve experimented, and we’ve tested the different options out there (some were complete rubbish and will be upcycled, check out our Environmental Policy and Merchandise End of Life Policy).

We’ve decided to import the brand NatureHike. NatureHike is a company based in China, which does break out heart. However, we’ve sent them our Supplier Code of Conduct and they confirm they comply with it.

What are the benefits of going through us?

  • We deal with the supplier directly (they are pretty cool people)
  • We handle the duty/customs/taxes/surprises.
  • We inspect each item to make sure it’s a complete package, and make sure the tents don’t have any defects.
  • We offer a bulk discount on our dime.

We are looking to offer the tents for the start of the fall season.

Other products we are currently looking into:

  • Ultra-light tarp
  • Ultra-light groundsheet

If you have any suggestions, please let us know by filling out the form below. We will do the leg work, test things, and find what works best. The ultimate goal is to help provide safer options to help everyone enjoy the outdoors.

*we are only collecting emails in case we want to ask for more details to gain clarity. You will not be added to our mailing list. Here’s a link to our Privacy Policy.


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