Joey Pouches and a Sale

Hi there! 

This is Kimberly Burge, the designer and person behind Scouting Merch. This is the companion blog to the video We published on January 7. Watch it here:

At the time of recording, I’m at the tail end of celebrating the start to my 32nd year on this earth. It’s got me thinking deeply about the role I want my companies to play. It’s been a struggle I’ve had internal battles with since early last year. My biggest dream is for my companies to have a positive impact on the world. 

As a Scouter, I’ve had the pleasure of travelling the world – meeting people from different countries and walks of life. One of my favourite places to visit has been in Australia in 2010 for OzMoot. That was a heck of a journey that started off the August before Moot backpacking across Canada meeting my contingent. Moot was my first international trip as an adult without my family. It was the furthest I’d ever travelled, and the first ‘big’ leadership role I took on as the Canadian Contingent Leader. I explored Cairns, Brisbane, Melbin, and the areas surrounding Adelaide. The current Bushfires are breaking my heart as I see friends from the areas affected. I watched as the last half of CBR Moot had to be cancelled over safety concerns from the brush fires. 

It’s a major weight. While having my coffee this morning, I was thinking hard about ways I can help. 

While Mark and I were having a discussion after lunch, it came to me. The one thing I can give and my business can do that would have an impact. Give my time. As a Scouter, I view time as the ultimate resource. It’s the one thing I have a finite amount of. It’s the one thing I can never ever get back. It’s the one thing that I can choose how I spend. Travelling? Working? Absorbing hours of content online? Volunteering? All the choices I can make. 

So, here’s what I’ve landed on. 

I’ve just turned 32. I’m going to have some items on sale in my store for the month of January until they run out of stock. For every sale, I’m going to take my time and make a resource that’s in need for the animals that are rescued, to a maximum of 50. If I’m able to get more help, I will make more. 

I will upcycle fabrics I have from past projects. I will utilize ‘Our Social Fabric’ here in Vancouver that takes ends of fabrics from stores and resells it to prevent it going in the rubbish. 

I’m not a great seamstress, but I can redirect some of my time to make these items. They won’t be perfect, but they will matter. I will uphold my Cub Law and Do My Best. 

I want to take a moment and thank you for watching this video, and if you decide to encourage me/challenge me, you are awesome. If you would like to and can’t, that’s okay! Send me a private message and if I don’t hit my 50 sales, I’ll do what I can to make one for you. 

Wish me luck!