Adventuring to PJ?

We are working on making templates, pre-designed badges, and kits available to groups to help make it the best jamboree ever. Having been both a participant and OOS at Jamborees, we know what it’s like to receive and trade items with other Scouts – we also know what not having the right items feels like.

What sort of things will we be offering?

  • Apparel (tshirts, hoodies)
  • Tent Markers (laminated sheets that clip onto a tent with first name/medical or dietary alerts)
  • Custom Badges
  • Medallions
  • Individual Imprinted Waterbottles
  • Vinyl die cuts for your group name
  • Solar Lanterns with option to include group name
  • Geocoins
  • Jamboree camp kits
  • Signage
  • & more!

    Minimum Quantity:
    Varies product to product

    *We know that some groups will only have a patrol – contact us to see what options we have available. A general minimum to keep in mind is 10 – but we will work with you to make it work.

    What’s involved in Jamboree orders?

    Step 1

    Select what you’re looking to get – keep in mind your groups budget. Contact us to start a discussion.

    Step 2

    We will send you options that will match your budget and not compromise on your goals.

    Step 3

    We will send you proofs upon quote approval, release the items for production, and ship them to you.

    Deadline to order is June 1, 2019 at 12pm PST.

    View current badges available for PJ’19! New ones are being created up to the event. Other designs viewable by clicking the arrows or by viewing the link below.

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    Does your patrol want to design their own badge? That’s awesome! Here’s a few templates we’ve made to help make it easier.


    *click to view, opens new window