Starting up our Blog…

White buttons on a grey background that spell out 'BLOG'.

Hello there!

I would like to announce that we are just about to start up our blog. It’ll be infrequent, random, and hopefully full of practical information related to things we do. Instead of adding more pages, activating the trusty and reliable blog seemed like a good idea. There may be some cross posts with intothejungle.ca which we also run, but that’s just so we can share information better and because frankly – it’s really hard to know where to draw the line for the different content. I’ve personally been on the fence for ages if I should just merge the two, but have concluded that a few of the posts on ITJ isn’t appropriate for Scouting Merch – and I’m sure it’ll be vice versa.

Curious about some of the articles we are planning on posting?

  • Factors that determine cost
  • What is digitizing
  • Tips for Badge Design
  • Embroidery care instructions
  • Sew on Tricks
  • Choosing the right backing
  • Ideas for a campfire ‘blanket’

We have a list of 15 different topics we’d like to share over time. While we may not be experts, we do know a fair share.

I personally can’t wait to explore this idea and see where it goes. It may fizzle out. It may not be useful. But, there’s only one way to find out!