Scouting Merch recognizes that our business can have a negative impact on the environment and is committed to promoting sustainability in all of our activities. We demonstrate these commitments through transparent and responsible management of our social, environmental, and economic values. We are committed to finding ways in which we can reduce the impact of our work both in the office and when work takes us away from the office.

Specifically, we will:

  • Meet or exceed all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Measure the environmental impacts of our operations.
  • Establish annual goals to reduce our environmental impact and strive for continuous improvement.
  • Integrate environmental impact as a factor in business decisions in particular as it related to the suppliers we choose.
  • Reduce, re-use, recycle, and repurpose as much waste material as possible
  • Encourage suppliers, vendors, and business partners to be environmentally responsible.
  • Work with suppliers to reduce packaging.
  • Encourage and support employees to use low impact transport for travel to and from work and travel for business.
  • Communicate this policy and our environmental programs to employees and other stakeholders.
  • Educate customers about global sustainability challenges and how they can take action.
  • Advocate for progressive climate policy in Canada. Our sister company is a proud member of the Burnaby Board of Trade and has taken the Sustainability Pledge and supports the Sustainability Committee in whatever way they can.
  • Manage end of life management for ‘cases’ (product that are misprinted or damaged) in the most environmentally responsible way possible.
  • Avoid unnecessary travel by making use of instant messaging, video and audio conferencing, telephone and email.

Check out our Merchandise End of Life Policy HERE.