Custom Badge Pricing – 4 Factors

Badge Coverage example. Left is "Burlington Area Competition Camp Disney Themed shaped like mickey mouse ears" 75% coverage and right is"1st Leduc Green Pack Star Wars themed" shaped like BB8 100% coverage

Custom badge pricing can be intimidating. We all know that youth (and let’s be honest, volunteers too) enjoy receiving a badge at the end of camp or an event. It’s why we started creating badges. Below is some information on different factors that determine the cost of custom badges.

Badge backing examples. Left is with iron on, right is with none. Influences custom badge pricing.Backing

Badge designs are only half the story. The other half is how you’re going to attach them to your blankets, uniform, vests and more. The majority of our customers are happy with our easy iron-on. For more intense or rugged situations where badges will be exposed to elements, we recommend a firm backing meant to be sown on or our extra-strength iron-on that’ll stay put anywhere for good. But you can even choose velcro backings for an easy on/off badge that works well with vests or jackets. We automatically include iron-on backing as an option as it helps “seal” the threads.


Chances are you have an idea about how big you want your badges to be. This measurement is sometimes reduced down to a single number. Usually, this looks like your design’s maximum length and width added together, then divided by two to determine the area which in turn influences the price. To make it simple, we stick with the logical “length x width” format, which helps us fairly price almost any badge size. When measuring, go from the widest/tallest point on the design.
What some people don’t know is that some badge materials work better than others for certain sizes or shapes. Badges using materials other than thread, like PVC or leather are best at medium to small sizes, whereas with embroidered badges you can make truly monster-sized projects like 12×12 back badges. Of course, we will let you know if your desired size is possible or not. We don’t currently offer PVC or leather as options, however, if you’re interested we can help you find someone who does offer them.

Badge Coverage example. Left is "Burlington Area Competition Camp Disney Themed shaped like mickey mouse ears" 75% coverage and right is"1st Leduc Green Pack Star Wars themed" shaped like BB8 100% coverage. Influences custom badge pricing.Embroidery Coverage (embroidered badges only)

Our most popular badge type, embroidered badges, requires you to determine how much “embroidery coverage” you want on the badge itself. Simply put, how much of the badge do you want your embroidered design to take up?

We offer 50%, 75%, and 100% embroidery. 50% suffices for most simple designs while 100% is more for image-type designs. While it is the cheapest option, 50% embroidery also allows you to show off the underlying badge material you choose. The underlying material can range from a reflective material to simply specific background color. And of course, your badge expert will walk you through creating a design that suits either price option. Get started here on our custom quote page.


The perimeter of your badge is just as important as what’s inside. Depending on what your design is, you’ll have several options to give your badge that needed “edge” (we crack ourselves up).

  • Merrowed Borders aren’t just an aesthetic choice. They help keep your badge together and protect the design from stretching as well as scuffing. This thicker line of embroidery “facing” your badge design covers every so slightly your image’s perimeter and accents whatever’s inside.
  • Hot Knife Borders/Smooth Cut Borders deliver a clean, precise look that’s great for intricately. 100% embroidery badges that have enough bulk to do without a “real” border. Depending on the intricacy of your design’s edges, we will recommend either hot knife bordering for complex designs or smooth cut bordering for simpler ones.

If you’re looking to make sure that your event badge is economic, let us know so we can help simplify your design without losing the original look and feel.